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Wild Mountainboards
The polish are pushing it! Check out the style and how smooth they are landing. Textbook mountainboarding!
Jak na jesień przystało zabraliśmy się za montaż filmów z tego sezonu. Jedziemy od końca, czyli ostatnich treningów na Mosquito Spot Moszczenica, ekipa ...
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Dirt Dessert
Crosscall was an official partner of the World Championships this year at Dirt Dessert in Slovenia. They released an edit showcasing some highlights from the contest. Who’s ready to get together and ride mountainboards again?!
Crosscall - the official partner ...
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Newsletter - October 2018
If you don't subscribe to our newsletter, you may have missed this announcement in the last issue ( Flavio Nottalgiovanni is going to work with the IMA to help with international collaboration.

Join us in welcoming Flavio!

More info here: ...
Comments Love you Flav xxx Good Thing
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Australian Mountainboarders
Another weekly update from Dylan Radface Warren and the Australian Mountainboarders crew. The course looks mint and they are looking forward to their opening weekend on September 30th! Check out this video with a great course walk, some interjection by ...
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Mountainboard PARK Construction - Week 4
Another update from the Australian Mountainboarders crew! This week Dylan Radface Warren takes us on a course walk, shows us the new features, and Daniel Foreman drops some top soil!! She’s really coming together!
The team at Australian Mountainboarders ...
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Australian Mountainboarders
Dylan Radface Warren and the Australian Mountainboarders crew are doing great things! If you haven’t seen it yet they are building a beautiful BoarderX track and Freestyle setup in Melbourne. Great things are happening and the future is bright!

Follow ...
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Mountainboarding at the BRAILLE Skatepark!! (behind the scenes)
A few months ago, Braille skateboards had a fun little session riding a beginner mountainboard in their skatepark. Dylan Warren just put out a video where he visited them and showed them what he could do on a mountainboard. Check ...
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Newsletter - August 2018
Yesterday, we sent out the August edition of the IMA newsletter. Lots of videos to check out in case you missed them, and a shout out to Dirty Dames!
You may have noticed it's been two months since our last ...
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MOUNTAINBOARD DOCUMENTARY - 'Like Snowboarding But With Wheels'
Amon Shaw just dropped an incredible documentary on mountainboarding!

It is unlike any other since it’s not the “who” or “what” in mountainboarding. It is a documentary on “why” we mountainboard. Please give his video a look. It will inspire ...
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Summary of the 2018 World Mountainboard Championship
It's already been two weeks since we crowned this year's champions at the World Mountainboard Championship in Slovenia.
Here's a recap of what happened, with a detailed rundown of the races!
The IMA's perspective on this year's event.
International Mountainboard Association
Results of the 4-down project - the IMA's video contest
And the results are in for the first IMA video contest!

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you all for participating!

We at the IMA are super happy to see the quality of content that was put together and we ...
International Mountainboard Association
The 4-down project - the IMA's video contest
Today's the last day to get your vote in for one of the 4 entries in our contest.

If you did not watch the videos yet, go do that now, it's time well spent!
The first IMA mountainboard video contest! ...
International Mountainboard Association
The 4-down project - the IMA's video contest
It's July 2nd, and as announced previously, we're releasing the 4 Down project videos!

We have 4 videos for your viewing pleasure, which were made by 4 different crews, in 4 different locations and with 4 different styles.

We at ...
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Gostilna Stari Mayr
It's 18:30, and pro freestyle finals riders are into their last run (out of 5).
Everything is still up in the air, but we've seen come cool stuff, and as always it's a great show.

Right after that's over, we'll ...

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