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Box Score

# Rider Category Points FS Points 32's Points 16's Points 8hts Points final Time Mark
85Tilen JavornikMaster000010006:59
71David HutterOpen00009007:24
9Ivan MederosOpen00008008:30
4Michael GermannMaster00007008:41
280Ernesto Rodriguez CabezonMaster00006008:43
271Flavio “Flap” NottalgiovanniMaster00005010:35
10Jonay MendezOpen00004011:15
137Anton PrešernOpen00003012:12
273Carlos Alberto SabinoMaster00002012:49
2Oscar PadillaOpen00001016:08
 Total 000055098


Box Score

# Rider Category Points FS Points 32's Points 16's Points 8hts Points final Time Mark
268Diego AndersonMaster015552047,64
272Ludovic FaureMaster013552548,15
281Dave StiefvaterMaster01352048,91
285Jeroen De BooserMaster01132048,19
286Marco FacchiniMaster01131050,91
282Grégory BarbierMaster01131052,94
275Vincent LavaudMaster01120054,68
271Flavio “Flap” NottalgiovanniMaster010531049,17
280Ernesto Rodriguez CabezonMaster01010058,79
283Marcin JesionekMaster0820051,85
 Total 0113341955505
Thomas Jeffery
Hey guys, wondering if anybody is up for a session at @adrenaline alley in Corby wanna meet and ride with more boarders if anybody is about and free
Mark Coddy Caldwell
Some sweet new features taking shape Hale's Board and Bike park, head on down to try the slopestyle line when its complete 🙂
Luis Vicente Alvarez
Axios Mountainboard
Having a little fun in Paso de Cortes. Puebla, Mexico
Axios - Ruta Paso de Cortés 17/07/19
Video en YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTPjP6Jojno
Luis Vicente Alvarez shared Axios Mountainboard's video to the group: INTERNATIONAL MOUNTAINBOARD RIDERS.
Joshua Monns Lee
Josh Lee #mountainboarding

From skateboarding back in the days to having a 10 year break from it all due to life circumstances I decided to get back into board sports in September 2017 .. mountainboarding was something I've always wanted to try ...
Comments Steve Birkbeck Amen brother... I've skated all my life but was defo losing tricks and motivation as I got older. Started mountainboarding ...Alex Rossiter Stay strong
André KM
Has anyone here ever twisted the foot ankle?
I think I might have stretched the foot ligaments or even worse...

If so, how long of a break did you have to take?

It really sucks being forced to take a ...
Comments Benjamin Parker Ligaments can be tricky depending on what's happened to them. I did one behind the knee and it took years ...Matt Gaydon Folded my ankle over a tree stump Downhill racing at Little B one year, x-ray showed no broken bones, but ...Andy Roodog If you’re not in a constant state of repair you aren’t riding enough!! If Winns solicitors could sue the ground ...
Joshua Monns Lee
Mastered the pump track today and can get all the way around without fail.. all I need to do is work on getting my speed around it.. any tips ? Im pumping I'm tic tacing at the start ? Any ... Comments Annabel Owens My advice is to get your ass to Willington on 21.04.18 for the Rhythm X competition 😝Sonnie Dibben Biggup yaself G, bugs opens next month il pick you up from Brizz one weekendConnor Smout Hard tyres, and just dial that rhythm
Ian Salisbury
Where does everyone ride on here? Anyone from near Leeds, Britain? Comments Nathan Scott Quite a few of us based around the west yorkshire area, Ashley Mulholland but he's out injured at the minute, ...Mark Hale Holmfirth massiveDaniel Kernahan Leeds represent. Plenty of us around to hook up for a ride
Márcio Gomes
Enjoy The Ride
You are not the board you ride! You are not your bank account! You are what you want to be! So, Enjoy The RIdeeeeeee!
Seja você, sempre!
I still say, don't give up on your dreams!
Next Saturday, Enjoy ...
Shannon Julian Lusk
Photos from Shannon Julian Lusk's post
Who remembers this deck ? Share your stories ! Comments Jeorge Bailey Best deck I ever looked at, shame they ditched the size. Was an absolute bangerTravis Zack Birdsall Wish I’d never sold mine, had the most fun on that board.Jeorge Bailey Mines still stuck in knockhill as far as I know. Damn I miss it
Arno Van den Veyver
Kingpin Skateboarding
that moment when your sport gets into the olympics...
I think we can catergorically say we've found the worst thing on the internet.

Via. Muckmouth
Arno Van den Veyver shared Kingpin Skateboarding's video to the group: INTERNATIONAL MOUNTAINBOARD RIDERS.
Comments Craig Lee Coulson Why did I just watch this 😂Ashley Mulholland 😂😂😂what the holy hell is this black magic!!!Adrian Kiwy That was one weird minute
Paul Sloggett
Photos from Paul Sloggett's post
Dartmoor full pipe. Comments Matt Brind Good to see you back on a board, Sloggs!!Predrag Marcikic I'd put this in my yard 😀
Joseph Morrison
Fathom AZ
Let's ride
First day will be a free ride to give everyone a chance to roll in and explore the mountain
The 18th will be the freestyle portion of thr comp
The 19th will hold the slalom flagged race

Points ...
Comments Alex Rossiter I'm there
Márcio Gomes
Enjoy The Ride
Trophy colors, guess what color they are going to be! Come, ride and get it!
Márcio Gomes shared Enjoy The Ride's post to the group: INTERNATIONAL MOUNTAINBOARD RIDERS.
Joshua Monns Lee
I got airborne today 🙂 along with a 180 spin .. not bad for my first (small) jump haha Comments Joshua Monns Lee Nigel Degr I even mastered the first berm today 👍 and every time after that.. just need to practice getting ...Neil Kimmins Joshua Monns Lee nice work next lesson pumping for speed 👍

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